The Solution to all your Intellectual Property Needs in Thailand

Thailand is Asia’s 8th largest economy in 2019; boasting a GDP of over US$540 billion in 2019. As active participants of this economy, Thai companies should ensure that their intellectual property (IP) is duly protected while its value is actualized into commercial products and services. Companies should also safeguard themselves by implementing guidelines to avoid legal liability by infringing others IP rights.

Nanyang IP (Thailand) Company Limited, part of the Nanyang Law Group, combines a comprehensive global network – across seven countries in Asia and global affiliates in the United States, Europe, China, India and Oceania – with over 15 years of industry expertise and knowledge in IP.

Nanyang IP (Thailand) Company Limited guarantees the utmost professionalism, competence and commitment to intellectual property. Our seasoned and well-qualified team of brings a strong passion and work ethic towards both patents and trade marks. We believe that intellectual property issues should be handled holistically with both corporate and commercial perspectives in mind so as to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Our firm has a strong track record with successful cases in relevant industries such as mechanical, electronics, information technology, software, artificial intelligence, block-chained, fintech, biomedical, life sciences, chemical and petrochemical.

For Thailand, we offer tailored services to meet all our clients’ needs in:

Intellectual Property

  • Patent Services: patent searches; tracking of patents; drafting and filing of patents; conducting due diligence and providing advice on patent strategies
  • Trade Mark Services: conducting trade mark searches and opinions; preparing filing and prosecuting of trade mark registrations; opposition proceedings; trade mark renewals and advice on trade mark protection strategies
  • Cross-Border IP Services: our extensive network ensures global coverage for any international intellectual property issues including IP litigation, licensing, franchising and anti-counterfeit service.

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We differentiate ourselves by possessing a thorough understanding of our clients’ legal needs, whether they revolve around state-of-the-art technologies or complex business solutions. Distinguished by the scope of our legal services and strength of our practices, we endeavour to help our clients meet their objectives in today’s fast-paced economic and legal landscape.