Analine FAN Ten Yi

Senior Patent Manager

At Nanyang Law, Analine’s expertise lies in patent work, which involves prosecution and patent filing. She oversees a team specializing in patent matters, which involves conducting case law searches as well as prior art searches. She advises on the patent litigation process, which includes drafting substantive responses to overcome patentability objections in office actions. She is involved in the drafting of patent specifications, claims, infringement, and term extension opinions. She also manages the patent portfolio of Nanyang Law, by filing and prosecuting patent applications in multiple jurisdictions, as well as liaising with foreign agents.

Prior to joining Nanyang Law, Analine garnered experience in conducting patentability assessments, by actively collaborating with her clients and offering guidance on various patent prosecution tactics for pending applications. Her clientele includes prestigious research organizations, universities, and biopharma/pharma and chemical inventors.

Analine holds a Master’s in chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. With her extensive knowledge and research in chemical technology, she has also published an article in relation to Chemical Communications on the developments of chemical extraction routes.



  • Master of Science, University of Edinburgh, UK


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