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According to World Bank estimates, Sub-Saharan Africa consists of over 1 billion people – half of which will be under 25 years old by 2050. This large and youthful population provides a unique business opportunity with a trend of numerous tech startups and related businesses. Disturbingly, many of these startups and businesses have lost their innovations and research findings through Intellectual Property (IP) abuse and theft.

The key to unlocking the business opportunities and potential in Africa is IP. IP helps to ensure that precious trade secrets and research and development breakthroughs are converted into intangible assets such as trademarks and patents. The benefits of these include: providing investor confidence; exclusive use by their owners – others will have to seek or pay for permission, thus generating additional revenue; public proof of authenticity; ability to sue and collect damages for breaching said trademark(s); right to use the ® symbol.

Our African partner, Ms. Karen (林楷云律师) will ensure that your IP needs are met within the continent. Ms Karen brings a strong IP portfolio which includes Fortune 500 clients across several industries. When combined, Nanyang Law brings African, Chinese and Southeast Asian knowledge and perspectives to the table.

Our clients can look forward to these customized IP services in Africa:

Intellectual Property

  • Patent Services: patent searches; tracking of patents; drafting and filing of patents; conducting due diligence and providing advice on patent strategies
  • Trademark Services: conducting trademark searches and opinions; preparing filing and prosecuting of trademark registrations; opposition proceedings; trademark renewals and advice on trademark protection strategies
  • Cross-Border IP Services: our extensive network ensures global coverage for any international intellectual property issues including IP litigation, licensing, franchising and anti-counterfeit service.

You will also be glad to know that our advice and work is carried out with both corporate and commercial perspectives, as we believe that a balance needs to be achieved in order to attain optimal results.

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