General Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice

Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Successful litigation requires experience, meticulous preparation, and in-depth knowledge of the law, business practices and customs.

Our General Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Division offers high-level professionalism, competence and commitment in its services. This is reflected in the vast array of clientele the team has catered to, of which major public transport companies, corporations in the construction and property development industry, and an international oil and gas company are included.

The team consists of legal practitioners with exceptional trial and advocacy skills, dedicated to providing their litigation expertise. Additionally, the team offers and promotes the use of Dispute Resolution as an alternative to litigation. For this reason, Nanyang Law LLC has a robust arbitration practice in the area of commercial disputes.

The comprehensive range of services offered by the team and the broad spectrum of work undertaken by it enables Nanyang Law LLC to provide reliable, trustworthy and complete legal services for all of our clients’ needs.

Some areas in which the team is actively engaged are:

  • Corporate Litigation including shareholder dispute, oppression action and receivership;
  • Insolvency & Liquidation which include corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and winding-up;
  • Intellectual Property which includes resolution of IP disputes and infringement;
  • Defamation including traditional libel and slander claims and defamation on the Internet and electronic mail;
  • Employment including advice on various aspects of Employment Law and employment disputes, such as wage claims, wrongful termination and breach of duties;

As our litigation lawyers are equipped with extensive corporate and commercial experience, they offer unique commercial perspectives in dispute resolutions. This enables Nanyang Law LLC to provide more wholesome legal services to clients.


We differentiate ourselves by possessing a thorough understanding of our clients’ legal needs, whether they revolve around state-of-the-art technologies or complex business solutions. Distinguished by the scope of our legal services and strength of our practices, we endeavour to help our clients meet their objectives in today’s fast-paced economic and legal landscape.