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South America is one of the largest markets in the world, with a population of over 430 million people. Hence, it comes as no surprise that there is a huge incentive for IP theft within the sales of goods and services. In fact, Intellectual Property (IP) theft is an issue be it in the mass trade of counterfeit luxury goods or in the pharmaceuticals industry where overseas patents are put at risk by factories who shift their production to South America.

Paramount to any reputable business is the need for IP as a crucial intangible asset. Besides being a deterrent for IP theft, it is also a key differentiating factor for competing firms within the same industry and helps to assure investors that their cash and assets are placed into unique and competitive companies that will provide attractive returns.

The other benefits of IP such as trademark registration include: exclusive use of identical marks – others will have to seek or pay for permission from the trademark owners; public proof of authenticity; the ability to sue and collect damages for breaching said trademark(s); the right to use the ® symbol.

Nanyang Law is represented in South America by our South American partner, Mr. Pablo (陆程律师). He is a veteran player in the South American market and has an IP portfolio that contains both regional and international clients; across a multitude of industries from public to commercial.

Our team promises to provide a unique and holistic approach to IP that involves both commercial and corporate perspectives that will be tailored to all your IP business needs in SA.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent Services: patent searches; tracking of patents; drafting and filing of patents; conducting due diligence and providing advice on patent strategies
  • Trademark Services: conducting trademark searches and opinions; preparing filing and prosecuting of trademark registrations; opposition proceedings; trademark renewals and advice on trademark protection strategies
  • Cross-Border IP Services: our extensive network ensures global coverage for any international intellectual property issues including IP litigation, licensing, franchising and anti-counterfeit service.

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