Intellectual Property and Technology Practice

Manage, Protect, Enforce Your Intellectual Property

New technologies and innovative solutions are the key drivers of today’s knowledge-based economy. Companies must manage their intellectual property (IP), in order to realise its full value and transform it into commercialisable products and services. They must also implement strategies to avoid liability for infringing on the IP rights of others.

Nanyang Law LLC has a team of experienced and dedicated Intellectual Property and Technology professionals, consisting of lawyers with technical expertise, registered patent agents and technology specialists. We help our clients manage, protect and enforce their IP rights, providing a complete range of IP services, including: 

In addition, Nanyang Law LLC also provides all types of IP-related cross-border services, having set up its own IP office in Malaysia, and tapping upon an established worldwide network of associated law firms in countries/ regions, which include the United States, Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, India and Taiwan, just to name a few. 

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We differentiate ourselves by possessing a thorough understanding of our clients’ legal needs, whether they revolve around state-of-the-art technologies or complex business solutions. Distinguished by the scope of our legal services and strength of our practices, we endeavour to help our clients meet their objectives in today’s fast-paced economic and legal landscape.